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Tell Me 1/? Sean Patrick Flanery/Norman Reedus AU

author: zebraljb
rating: NC17 eventually
disclaimer: This is an AU, which means it is REALLY MADE UP. I don't know Sean or Norman. I am 99.9% sure they're both straight. This is just made up, by me, without malice or any evil intentions.
note: AU story - Norman is an actor, Sean is a bartender. Inspired by the Diddy/Christina Aguilera song "Tell Me."
note #2: It's been a while since I've written anything, please be kind!
note #3: Sean's outfit (or lack thereof) inspired by the pic in my icon.


“Sorry I’m late,” Sean panted, throwing his coat into a locker and slamming it shut. He hurried to the tiny mirror and checked his hair.

“You’re never late.” Eric shut his own locker and leaned against it. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“M’fine.” Sean grinned at his reflection, then turned to grin at Eric. “Take a good long look at me. This is my last night.”

“Are you serious?” A slow smile crossed Eric’s face. “You got it.”

“I sure as hell did. I am outta here and into a real job, real hours, lunch break, the works.”

“You two setting up housekeeping in here?” Their boss poked his head into the locker room.

“Sorry, Troy…Sean was just giving me the good news. Tonight’s his last night,” Eric said proudly.

“Fuck, Flanery, you couldn’t have given me a few weeks notice?” Troy grumbled, though he wasn’t really angry.

“You told me if I got the job, you wouldn’t require a notice. You said you had enough employees that…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Troy interrupted. “I’m not senile yet. I remember what I said.” He grabbed the bar towel from his shoulder and tossed it at Sean. “Congratulations. You’re on the front bar until nine…and then you’re done.”

“Really?” Sean’s face lit up with his amazing smile.

“Really. Don’t ask again or I’ll change my mind.” Troy disappeared from the doorway.

“And after that, you’re here until close,” Eric told Sean. “All drinks on the house. I want your sexy ass out on the dance floor all night long.”

“Eric,” Sean said, laughing.

“I mean it. You fight those guys off tooth and nail every night…tonight you won’t have to. Get some phone numbers. Maybe you’ll find some sort of sugar daddy out there.”

Sean snorted. “NOT what I’m interested in, Eric. Let’s get out there before Troy fires me officially.”

Sean and Eric headed upstairs to the large main room of the gay club. It was the best gay bar in town, with the best DJ, best dance floor, and best bartenders. Sean had worked there for three years, trying to get by until he could get a good day job. He had tried acting but found it wasn’t really what he was looking for, even though every man who hit on him was an agent who could get him “that perfect role.” The bar’s clientele was constantly trying to get into Sean’s pants, but Sean never allowed it. He did NOT mix work and pleasure…and most of the men who hit on him were NOT his type of pleasure in the slightest.

Sean went behind the large front bar, tying a half apron around his slender waist. He made sure his plain white tee was firmly tucked into his jeans, then started double-checking his supplies.

By nine o’clock, Sean’s tip jar was jammed full. Normally the bar didn’t get hopping until around eleven, but for some reason this night was busier than others. Sean definitely didn’t mind. His bar was crowded with regulars, and when they heard he was leaving, they whined with dismay even as they shoved tens and twenties into his jar. He was leaning over to light the cigarette of one of his favorite customers when he felt a nudge at his back. “It’s nine o’clock!” Eric shouted over the music. “You’re done.”

“I still have a few more people to wait on,” Sean said, waving vaguely at the corner of the bar.


“Just let me get them,” Sean said, walking away before Eric could stop him.

“And then your ass is on the dance floor!” Eric yelled after him.

“I get the first dance,” three men called at once. Sean groaned and popped the finger at Eric.

Fifteen minutes later, however, Sean WAS on the dance floor, a light sheen of sweat covering his now naked chest. Sean loved to dance, and could do it well. Men kept coming up to him, and he did dance with a few, though he kept a safe distance. Two of the bouncers were keeping an eye on him, though they knew he could handle himself. “Why’s he leaving?” One of the regulars asked Eric.

“Got a day job,” Eric replied.

“Gonna miss him,” the man sighed, watching Sean’s slender hips writhe and wriggle.

“Yeah. He’s a good guy,” Eric said almost enviously, then turned to wait on the next customer.

Norman paid the cover and led the way into the bar. The bass line was thumping in his brain almost instantly, and for a second he was blinded by the immediate darkness. “You’re lucky I love you, bastard,” a voice said in his ear.

“Jimmy, just deal with it. I go to those nasty strip clubs you like, so you owe me,” Norman barked over his shoulder.

“If anyone sees us here…”

“Get a grip, loser. Gay is in now, remember?” Norman said, grinning at his friend. “A few drinks and we’re outta here, okay?”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

“I’ll even buy.” Norman’s eyes got accustomed to the dark corridor, and he led the way towards the main room. “Besides, this is one of the hottest clubs in L.A.” He shoved his way through the mass of men and headed for the closest bar. A tall redhead smiled at him, a spark of recognition in his eyes.

“What can I get you gentlemen?”

“Well…” Norman read his nametag. “…Eric…I’ll have whatever you have on the tap closest to you, and my friend will have…”

“The same,” James said, his eyes wandering around the club. “It’s not as bad as I thought.”

“Good God, James, we don’t sit around having orgies all the time,” Norman growled.

“Just on Thursday. You missed it by a day,” the bartender said with a grin as he handed over their glasses. Norman laughed out loud and tipped Eric double.

His own eyes moved over the crowd as he took the first swallow of his beer. The bitter liquid seemed to boil its way down his throat as a figure came into focus. Long legs poured into tight black jeans, a lithe torso defined by toned muscles, and a black strip of leather encircling a slender neck. The man’s were in the air, hands clenched together, his head thrown back as he danced. Norman swallowed hard. “Fuck ME.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Eric said as he stuffed the tip in his jar. He followed Norman’s gaze and a small grin flitted over his face. Eric leaned over the bar a bit. “His name’s Sean,” he said loud enough for only Norman to hear. Norman looked at him in confusion, but Eric was already waiting on the next customer.

“We should dance,” Norman said suddenly. James looked at him as if he had suggested opening fire on the crowd.

“You don’t dance. And I’m NOT dancing here.”

“I dance,” Norman said defensively. “You just haven’t seen it. No one will touch you, James, unless you invite it.”

“I’m not dancing.”

“Fine.” Norman finished his beer in a few deep swallows. “Then hold my place here.”

Sean was having the time of his life. Eric kept refilling his drinks, and he had a pleasant buzz going on. Handsome men kept dancing up on him, and he loved the fact that he didn’t have to worry about his job and could just dance with them. He was just about to return to the bar for a glass of water when someone caught his eye. A handsome man of about his height and age was headed toward him, and the look on his face made SEAN feel like the drink of water. Sean swallowed hard, his throat suddenly dry. The man’s eyes roamed over Sean’s long body, and he licked his lips as he walked through the crowd. He wore a pair of blue jeans, a black tee, and an Army green long-sleeved shirt over top, with the buttons unbuttoned.

Sean forced himself to keep dancing as the man finally stood in front of him. “Hi there,” he managed.

“Hi.” The man’s eyes were a gorgeous shade of blue, and they seemed to devour Sean. Now that he was closer, he looked vaguely familiar.

“Don’t you dance?” Sean asked as the man stood immobile before him.

“I don’t think I can keep up with you,” the man said.

“You could try,” Sean said with a grin.

Norman could only stare at the Greek god of a man before him. His body was sin, and the way he moved it promised only more sin. When this Sean smiled, his entire face lit up, and it made Norman want him even more. “Maybe you could show me.”

Sean raised an eyebrow and took Norman’s hands, placing them on his waist. “Just follow me.”

“Okay.” Norman COULD dance, he just didn’t do it often. And when faced with a partner like Sean, dancing got a LOT easier. “My name’s Norman.”

“Sean,” Sean replied. He smiled into Norman’s blue eyes. “See, you keep up just fine.”

“I have a good teacher.”

Sean let his wrists lightly rest on Norman’s shoulders. “I get the feeling there’s not much you need taught.”

Norman threw back his head and laughed. “Well, I’m not really good with a computer…”
Sean laughed as well. “Can’t help you there. I barely get by m’self.”

Almost unconsciously, their bodies moved closer together until every swivel of Sean’s hips brought him into physical contact with Norman. “You looked like you were having fun out here,” Norman said. “But you were all by yourself.”

“I came here alone, if that’s what you’re asking,” Sean said slyly.

“I didn’t,” Norman said, and he felt Sean’s body stiffen a little. “My very straight friend is over by the bar,” he finished with a grin. Sean gave him a playful nudge with his hips.


“So…” Norman let his hands slowly slide up Sean’s naked torso. “Do you live near here?”

“Not within walking distance.” Sean drew in a shuddering breath. “You?”

“Just in town on business,” Norman said, happy that Sean didn’t seem to recognize him. Norman was a fairly well-known actor, yet he usually could get around pretty incognito. “Staying in a hotel.”

“Ah,” Sean said. He tilted his head and pressed himself even closer to Norman. “So, Norman, tell me…how hot is the water in that hotel shower of yours?”

“Pretty damn hot.” Norman’s thumb ghosted over Sean’s collarbone.

“Because I’m pretty sweaty, and I could use a shower.”

“You’re welcome to use my shower,” Norman said. He drew a finger down Sean’s spine. “As long as I can scrub your back.”

Sean’s eyes fluttered closed and he bit his bottom lip. “What about your friend?”

“I’ll get rid of him. Why don’t you meet me out front in a few minutes?”

“How about out back, in ten minutes?” Norman looked at him quizzically. “I work here. Well, I used to. I have some stuff in the locker room out back.”

“Gotcha.” Norman grabbed Sean’s belt loops and tugged him forward for a brief kiss. “Ten minutes.”

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