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SWAK 1/1 Flandus

author: zebraljb
rating: uh, it's really vague, but R for language. And it's slash
disclaimer: I do NOT know either of them. At all. IN the slightest.
note: I have so NOT been in the writing mood lately, but it's vday. And I miss my Flandus boys.
note #2: I have always bitched about people who write drabbles, but here I wrote one. And it's all in dialogue...what you guys say I do best. Happy vday.


“I can’t help it.”

“You’re just making it take longer.”

“Excuse the fuck out of me for not having your patience, Norman.”

“You asked for this, Sean.”

“Well, I woulda grabbed a book if I woulda known it was gonna take THIS long.”


“Quit sighing like that, like you’re so fucking exasperated.”

“You know what? You’re being a whiny bitch. Never mind.”

“No, Norman, m’sorry. I want you to finish it. Go ahead.”

“Okay. Here it is. Can you feel it?”

“Yes. Is it…Mingus?”

“Sean, for fuck’s sake, that’s disgusting. I would NOT write my son’s name.”

“Sorry, sorry. Do it again.”

“I’m running out of supplies. Of course, I could just leave you tied here, on your belly like a fish, while I run to the store…”

“NO. Just…do it one more time, okay?”

“There. I went slower this time.”

“I don’t…m’sorry, Norman.”

“Here. Try it this way.”

“Fuck…mmm…it’s…Jesus, Norman…it’s…it’s a heart…nggghhh…”

“Yeah, it’s a heart. A heart kite, actually, and it tastes fantastic…made of whipped cream…and the tail leads right down…here…”

“Hssss…fuck, Norman, yeah…OH yeah…”

“Sealed with a kiss.”

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