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Duty 5/? Travis/Greg Stillson

author: zebraljb
rating: nc17 for a chapter
disclaimer: I use these fictional characters without any sort of permission
warning: snarky!sean character, though I guess by now that's obvious!
note: thanks to cherryscott for giving this chapter a quick looksee...

Greg rolled off of Travis and onto his back, panting a bit. “Damn, that was good. It’s been too long.” He closed his eyes for a moment, then got up to dispose of the condom. “Almost makes me wish that I smoked. That was one helluva fuck.” He rolled his shoulders a bit, stretched, then pulled his pants back on. “There’s a shower through that door there, if you want.” He left the bedroom, with Travis staring after him.

“Fuck,” Travis said, blinking at the ceiling. Sure, he wasn’t expecting moonlight and roses, but he definitely was NOT expecting to be brushed off like a part of the furniture. He had half a mind to go running downstairs and give Greg a piece of his mind, asking who the hell he thought he was, but he realized THAT was a bad idea. Greg WAS someone, so that argument wouldn’t hold water. And wouldn’t he, Travis, like to be in Greg’s shoes if at all possible? Be the one holding the door as a girl walked out, shoes in hand and mournful look on her face? No, not really, he thought. He couldn’t be that way. Didn’t have it in him. But he’d be damned if he’d let Greg see him all pouting and hurt.

He slowly pulled himself up out of bed, wincing a bit at the unfamiliar stretch and ache. Travis smiled a bit as he headed for the shower. Greg was right about one thing. It had been one helluva fuck.

Travis came downstairs fully dressed about twenty minutes later, hair wet from the shower. He went into the study and packed up his things, first digging into his jacket and lighting a cigarette. He inhaled deeply, welcoming the familiar warmth that spread through his entire body. He heard footsteps behind him and turned to see Greg lounging in the doorway, bottle of water in hand. “Hope you don’t mind,” Travis said, waving the cigarette in the air. It was quite obvious Greg DID mind, but Travis was determined to keep up a brave front. “Needed it, like you said.”

“I take that as a compliment,” Greg said, smiling even as he wrinkled his nose at the smoke. “I took the liberty of calling a cab for you, figured you’d want to get back into the city. Got everything?”

“Yeah. I think so, thank you.” Travis picked up his bag. “So, do I need to sign something?”

“My office will draw up a contract, get with you about where to deposit any funds,” Greg said. “Do you want anything before you go? Water, anything like that?”

“Nope. I’m good, thanks.” Travis turned for the door. “And thanks for dinner. It was great.”

“Yes, it was,” Greg said with an arrogant smirk. He was so glad this was going so well. For a moment, he had thought he had spied something more in the blue eyes as he thrust into Travis, something adoring and hopeful. Thank God he didn’t have to burst THAT bubble. “I’ll be in touch.”

“Right,” Travis said shyly, giving one last look up at him through a lock of dark hair before he pulled on his coat and went out to wait for the cab.

Greg stood for a moment, pensively studying the closed door, then went up to take his own shower and get ready for bed.

Three weeks later, Travis showed up at the Senator’s office, dressed a bit nicer, in a pair of khaki pants and a striped button down shirt. He carried a battered briefcase, and tried not to bite at his fingernail as he stopped at Eva’s desk. “Good morning, Travis,” she said, smiling warmly at him. “How are you?”

“Fine, thanks, and you?” He leaned one palm down on the desk, smiling at her. She was a beautiful girl, dark hair and hazel eyes. She was his primary contact whenever he had to deal with the Senator’s office about the art project, and they had become quite friendly over the three weeks since Travis had been signed on as designer.

“Just fine.” She glanced down at the ever-present appointment book in front of her. “Did you have an appointment to see the Senator today? I don’t have you penciled in…”

“No. I’m just dropping off the final designs for him to sign off on. I plan on starting the actual work this weekend, and was hoping to get him to look them over ASAP.” He opened the briefcase and took out some schematics. “Could you please make sure he gets these as soon as you can?” He flipped through them, hesitating. He knew they were the best they would be, yet he hated to let them go. “If you don’t mind?”

“I promise to guard them with my life.” Eva slowly took the folder from Travis and placed it against her chest, hugging it to her. He knew he should say something suave, something clever, something about how the schematics were now officially in a safe place, but there was no way it would come out sounding anything but awkward. Instead he gave her a smile, a smile that went outside the usual shy crook of his mouth and changed his face from good-looking to handsome.

“Well, I appreciate that,” he said, standing back up.

Greg held the door, shaking his constituent’s hand. “I do appreciate you coming down here, Mr. Morrison. We’ll get on that as soon as we can, all right?” He mentally cursed his staff. They were supposed to field these visits from the concerned citizens, but this young engineer would not be turned away. Another environmental drama, another waste of Greg’s time, though the man definitely was nice to look at.

He looked up, and his eyes were immediately drawn away from the well-dressed professional in front of him to a slightly less well-dressed gorgeous man currently talking to his secretary. The man was smiling down at her, his face animated and friendly. Greg actually had to breathe in deeply when he realized that the man was Travis Jensen. He had been able to avoid Travis for the most part, doing most of their communicating through Eva.

Now, though, he walked over to Travis, a smile on his face. “Travis Jensen! How are you?”

“Hello, Senator.” Travis looked up at him shyly, holding out his hand. Greg shook it firmly and smiled at him. Travis glanced over at the other man, a good-looking man of about his age, dressed in an expensive suit. “I was just, uh, dropping off the final drawings.”

“I can’t wait to look at them. I promise I’ll have the final approvals back to you by the end of the day,” Greg told him. He glanced down at Eva, who was still clutching the folder. She blushed and handed it to him. “Oh, Travis, this is Eric Morrison, one of our up and coming engineers. He’s here to talk to me about some environmental issues. Travis here is an artist, designing a cow for the charity auction?”

“The cow parade, right.” Eric shook Travis’ hand, smiling at him. “You don’t look like an artist.”

“Well, appearances can be deceiving. I work with computers, not paint, so I usually make it out of the house without my work sticking on me anywhere,” Travis said, then blushed a bit. Eric just laughed, giving him the once-over. Out of the corner of his eye, Travis saw Greg’s eyes narrow. “Well, Eva, thank you very much. I’m sure both you and the Senator have a lot to do. I hope to hear from you soon.” He nodded to Eric. “Nice to meet you.”

“Thanks, Travis,” Greg called after him.

“Good afternoon, Senator.” Eric took off after Travis, cornering him by the elevator.

Travis got back to his apartment, tossed his briefcase on the floor, and quickly lit a cigarette. He popped open a can of beer and fell onto his chair, smiling like a fool. Not only had he managed to see Greg while looking halfway decent, but the cute engineer had actually FLIRTED with him in the elevator. He gave Travis some cock and bull story about redecorating an office, but even Travis could see it was only an excuse to give Travis his card. He had never been so blatantly approached by another man, and while Eric wasn’t stereotypically homosexual, Travis would have had to be blind not to read the signals. And it wasn’t unwelcome. Since his own encounter with Greg, Travis had seriously been rethinking his own sexuality. He had enjoyed the sex, but not, of course, what had happened afterwards.

He stared into thin air, thinking of Greg, and Eric, and sex, and the cow, and revenge. A plan slowly formed in his brain, and he smiled to himself.

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