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Duty 4/5 Travis (Norman in "Gossip) & Greg (Sean in "The Dead Zone")

author: zebraljb
rating: very nc17 this chapter
disclaimer: use of characters that are NOT mine
note: I broke something in myself. Like seriously. Holy crap, it's hot in here.

Travis stood completely still, allowing Greg’s lips to gently press against his. Greg made no attempt to deepen the kiss, not even trying to open Travis’ mouth. He simply let his mouth move over Travis’.
When Greg pulled away, Travis’ eyes were still closed, and he was drawing quiet, shuddering breaths. “C’mon,” he said, taking Travis by the arm again. “Why don’t I show you around the place? There’s something upstairs I think you’d like to see.”

Travis allowed himself to be meekly led up the long staircase, trying to keep from tripping over his own feet. He had no clue what was going on, and quite frankly, he didn’t want to dwell on it. He reached up to lightly touch his mouth, behind Greg’s back so he couldn’t see it. He had been kissed a few times in his short life, but nothing had made him feel like that one brief whisper of a kiss from the man walking ahead of him. “This, uh, this place is nice.”

“Isn’t it? I was lucky to find it,” Greg said, flipping lights on along the way. “They wanted to get me something in town, but I insisted on having my own space out where it was a little more…private.” He smiled at Travis as he opened the double doors to his bedroom suite. Greg just hoped that the triumph he felt wasn’t shining in his eyes. This little lamb was his, and he could not WAIT to lead it to the delicious slaughter he had planned. “So…” Greg leaned into the room and flicked a switch. “What do you think?”

“Are…” Travis blinked. “Those aren’t…well…real, are they?” Travis stared at the three paintings hanging on the wall.

“Yes, they are. I figured even though you work mainly with computer-generated art, you’d appreciate them.”

“That’s a Klimt,” Travis breathed, reaching out reverently, then pulling his hand back at the last minute. “And…John Singer Sargent?”

“Yes. They’re not worth much,” Greg said modestly, going to a tiny bar and pouring them both a drink. “But they’re personal favorites. I figure they’re a good investment.”

“Amazing,” Travis whispered, afraid to speak any louder. It was as if he were in a museum, or a church. Greg smiled at the wonder on his face.

“Here.” He handed the glass to Travis, who took it absently.

“I could never do work like this,” Travis said, almost to himself. “Not talented enough. Then I found what I could do on a computer, and the rest didn’t matter so much.”

“You’re very talented, Travis. You have a lot of potential.” Greg leaned against the wall, sipping at his drink. “You’re also young. You have time.”

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says.” Travis took a swallow of his own drink as well, welcoming the slow burn that followed. “You’re right, I do appreciate seeing these. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Greg put his drink on the nightstand. “Though, I must admit…it wasn’t the only reason I wanted to get you up here.”

Travis put his drink down as well. “It wasn’t?” He asked innocently, though it was blatantly obvious.

“No,” Greg said with a sly grin. He came to stand before Travis, one hand on the younger man’s hip. “To be honest, I had a few…ulterior motives.”

“That so?” Travis said, a shy grin crossing his face as he tilted his head a bit.

“Christ, you’re gorgeous,” Greg breathed, cupping his hand at the back of Travis’ neck. He kissed Travis, this time with a bit more force. Travis moaned, his body moving forward in search of contact. Greg smiled against Travis’ lips before his tongue snuck out. Travis immediately allowed it to enter, his own hands settling at Greg’s waist. Greg felt the unspoken permission in every inch of Travis’ body. Hook…line…sinker, Greg thought.

Travis pulled back to catch his breath, leaning his forehead against Greg’s. “Senator…I mean, Greg…I’ve…I’ve never…this is my…” he stammered, blushing painfully.

“It’s okay, Travis. I have.” He took Travis by the hand and led him over to the bed. “And you say stop, we stop. I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.” He pulled his own shirt up over his head, dropping it to the floor. “But there is SO much I want to do to you. FOR you.” Greg’s fingers started to unbutton Travis’ shirt. “Let’s just start here, okay?”

“Right,” Travis breathed, his hands sliding up over the sinews of Greg’s torso. It was obvious that he worked out in some way. The stomach was completely flat; the chest toned and smooth without being overly muscular. Travis felt almost flabby in comparison.

“Good,” Greg murmured as Travis’ pale skin was revealed. “You do have good hands, Travis.” He let Travis’ shirt fall to the floor, his hands sliding up over Travis’ back. “I like the way you touch me.” He backed towards the bed, making sure Travis came with him. Greg sat down, pulling Travis down as well. He kissed Travis again, bending back until Travis lay down fully. “I want you to touch me everywhere.”

“God,” Travis gasped as Greg’s mouth slid down his neck. “Yes, please, everywhere…”

Greg licked and nibbled his way down to Travis’ chest, slowly taking a hard nipple into his mouth. “You taste like…sin…” Greg whispered, his breath hot on Travis’ skin.

Travis’ teeth chattered as he arched up into the touch of Greg’s mouth. His hands clawed for purchase on the sheets before finally settling in Greg’s hair. He tried not to push Greg’s head down for more, but his greedy body soon got the best of him, and he was both arching up and pushing down at the same time. “Greg…fuck that feels good.”

“That’s right, baby, show me what you want,” Greg said softly. He slid one hand down to palm between Travis’ legs. Travis let out a low yelp, writhing on the bed. “Mmm…that feel good?”

“Yes, Greg…please…”

Greg moved back up to fully lay over Travis, pressing their bodies together as he kissed him. “I want to feel every inch of you against me, Travis. And then you know what I’d really like? I’d love to be inside of you, feeling you completely. But only if it’s what you really want.” He ground his hips against Travis’, his breath heavy against Travis’ mouth. “Do you want that, Travis? Do you want me fucking you, want me thrusting into you?”

“Please…Greg…yes it’s what I want…” Travis whimpered, aroused to the point of pain.

“Good. Let me do it. Let me take care of you.” Greg moved off of Travis completely, slowly undoing Travis’ jeans and sliding them down. He removed Travis’ shoes and socks, then finally took the pants off completely. “Gorgeous,” he whispered. Travis blushed slightly but was too aroused to really feel embarrassed. He watched Greg step out of his own pants, and his eyes widened at the perfect, tanned body in front of him. Greg went to the nightstand and pulled out a condom and lubricant.

Travis swallowed nervously as Greg came back to lay over him once more, their cocks sliding together in a hot wetslickmotion. “Oh…God…”

“It’s okay,” Greg cooed in his ear. He kissed Travis everywhere he could reach as he deftly opened the lube with one hand and got some onto his fingers. “This will feel odd,” he said honestly. “But I’m going to do everything in my power to make this something you don’t forget.” His hand slowly slid down between Travis’ legs, which seemed to spread of their own accord. One finger gently circled Travis’ entrance as Greg’s tongue licked along the line of Travis’ neck.

Travis hissed at the cold sensation, then moaned as Greg’s finger ventured inside. It wasn’t painful, just odd, as Greg had warned him. Greg’s mouth moved down his chest and stomach, hovering just over his cock as his finger slid all the way in. He slowly pulled the finger out almost all the way, then slid it back in once more, just as his tongue met Travis’ cock. “Nnnggghh…” Travis managed, relaxing a bit as Greg licked and sucked at the head. Greg continued to work the finger in and out, eventually adding a second finger. Travis was soon thrusting in tandem, almost riding the fingers that probed inside. When Greg found the place he had been searching for, Travis cried out, thrusting up into Greg’s mouth.

“There,” Greg murmured, letting his finger run along that smooth bump. “Is that where you want me, Travis?”

“Don’t stop, Greg, please don’t stop!” Travis was beyond caring that he sounded desperate and needy and selfish. He needed more, wanted more.

Greg slowly slid his fingers out and reached for the condom. He sheathed himself, generously applying lube. “This will hurt. It will hurt for only a moment, I hope, but it WILL hurt. You have to trust me.”

“Right,” Travis said, nodding and looking up at him. Greg was shocked and almost touched to see true, 100% trust in the blue eyes below him.

Greg moved Travis’ legs to the sides of his waist, bending them a bit. He guided himself into position, then slowly moved inside. “Relax,” he whispered, almost gritting his teeth at the unbelievable tightness surrounding him.

“Fuck!” Travis whispered, wincing with pain. His fingers dug into Greg’s shoulders until the skin was white.

Greg waited until Travis’ breathing slowed a bit, then moved out only to thrust inside a bit deeper, a bit faster. Travis gasped, his hips hitching a bit. “That’s right, Travis. Let me in.” Greg kissed Travis, his tongue licking along the line of Travis’ mouth. “Let me take you.”

Travis began to move with Greg, letting him in bit by bit. “Feels…good…” Travis moaned, once the initial pain began to subside. “So good.”

“Yes,” Greg hissed, slowly letting himself go. He didn’t hold back, and was soon pounding into the body beneath him with steady, rhythmic thrusts. “Perfect.” He was an unselfish enough lover, however, that he didn’t neglect the hard cock thrusting up between them. He reached down to stroke Travis, letting the wetness from the tip aid his touch. “You can come for me any time you want, Travis. I want it, want to see how good it feels.”

“Jesus,” Travis gasped, the words intensifying the sensation. “Want it so bad…”

“Do it,” Greg commanded, his words almost a snarl. “Come for me, Travis. Do it.”

Travis arched hard and cried out, his come jetting over Greg’s fingers and onto his own stomach. Greg drove into him as hard as he could, soon coming as well, his body shaking as it slammed into him one last time.

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