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Duty 1/? Travis (Norman Reedus in "Gossip)/Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery in "The Dead Zone")

author: zebraljb
rating: up to nc17
disclaimer: I have no knowledge of the actors' private lives. These are also characters devised by other people, including Stephen King, that I am using without permission, but with utmost respect. Written for the challenge at the flandus community.

a bit o' explanation: I've had the idea for an NR/SPF character crossover for a while, but have seen very few NR movies, to be honest. I saw "Gossip" recently, and an idea was born. However, I've only seen it once, so his last name, among other things, is made up. I've only seen maybe two episodes of "The Dead Zone," so here again, much creative liberties. Also, the cowparade is a real thing; we had it here. As far as I know, though, Augusta hasn't had one yet.

for those of you who don't know, long story short, Travis is an artist in all sorts of media in the movie "Gossip." He is unsure of himself, a loner, sorta freaky (that's how many reviewers have described him). Greg Stillson is a womanizing bastard in "The Dead Zone," who seems to have no problems using whoever gets in his way. After a bit of conversation with cherryscott, we decided that Greg could probably be a Travizing/Normanizing bastard, too. :)

Here are links to my photobucket account, with pix of the guys from the movie/TV show, and how I see them in this story. I won't post the actual pix...don't want to fill this up more than I already am (Sorry):

“And then you have the dinner tomorrow at seven, black tie, and a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce the next day for lunch.”

The large leather chair swiveled around, and a pair of light blue eyes narrowed. “The Chamber of Commerce?”

The woman fidgeted. “Sir, I know you prefer not to do those things, but they’re actually talking about some sort of monument in your name…a gift to the library or something. You really should be there.”

“Eva, I think that decision is best left to the Senator’s executive staff, don’t you?” An older man in a grey suit stepped forward. “Senator…”

“Jack, it’s fine.” The important man with the boyish good looks smiled at his secretary. “Eva’s just doin’ her job, aren’t you?” The slight Southern lilt to his voice made him seem even more charming. “It’s her responsibility to tell me what’s on my agenda. It’s not HER fault someone isn’t managing it a bit better.” He glared around the room at the four other men in suits and ties. They shuffled their feet, looking at the floor or ceiling. “Now, Eva, is this lunch or brunch?”

“A late lunch, Sir. I knew that you wouldn’t be up very early due to the black tie, so I made the arrangements for lunch at two.”

“That’s my girl,” the Senator said with a beaming grin. She shyly smiled back. “At least SOMEONE is looking out for me.” He glared at Jack. “Anything else, Eva?”

“The art people are waiting outside,” she finished softly.

“Art people?” Jack demanded.

Eva looked nervously at the Senator, who nodded. “There’s a charity art auction in a few months…cows.”

“Cows?” Jack said in disbelief.

“Yes, I believe it’s called a Cow Parade? Other cities have had them all over the world. Different people, companies and organizations sponsor the creation of a cow, and then it is sold at auction, with the money going to different non-profits around the city. The Senator has agreed to meet with a few of the artists to try and decide on something appropriate for his sponsorship.” Eva smiled at the Senator, obviously thinking his opinion of the utmost importance.

“Senator, we really should get to the…” Jack began.

“Whatever it is, I’m sure someone else can deal with it, Jack. I want the city, the state, hell, the whole world, to know that I am in full support of the arts. Eva and the girls out front have brought this to my attention, and I intend to treat it with the utmost priority.” He stood. “Send them in, Eva. Gentlemen, that will be all. We’ll move out in about an hour or so.”

The men stood and gathered their things together. Eva nodded and slipped out the door. “Senator, will you be needing me to stay in here with you?” Jack said.

The Senator stood, stretching. His expensive suit fit him like he was born in it, and even at forty, his body retained its lithe physique from his younger years. “No, I think I can handle looking at a few paintings and spatterings,” the Senator answered. “Run along.” Jack frowned, disliking the tone of voice in which he was being addressed. He had no choice, however, and left the room. The Senator removed his jacket and loosened his tie, thankful for the opportunity to relax a bit. It had been a long day and a longer week. He was definitely ready for a weekend.

The door opened again, and he heard Eva say, “The Senator will see you now.”

A group of ten men and women entered the large office, carrying various posterboards, easels and other artistic equipment. “Thank you, Eva,” the Senator said. He went around the room, shaking hands. “Greg Stillson. Nice to meet you.”

Eva started to close the door, but stopped when someone hurried through the office. “Wait, please! I’m with them. I mean, I’m supposed to be in there.”

Eva hid a smile as she looked the young man over. He wore an old army jacket, with a worn red and black scarf around his neck. He wore black boots and a pair of black jeans, also well lived in. “You’re with…”

“No one. I mean, I’m one of the bidders on the cow thing.”

Her eyebrows rose, but she smiled at his shy demeanor. “Well, they’re just starting, so you’d better get in there.”

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you.” He slid in the door and she closed it behind them.

“Well, let’s see what…” The door opened once more, interrupting Greg Stillson. He frowned, hating interruption with an intense passion. All angry words fell from his tongue, however, as the young man flushed red and took a place in the back of the room.

“Sorry. I…I got lost in the building, ended up over on the House side.”

“I’ve heard that happens to most people here,” Greg said with a warm smile. “Most of them Senators.” The room chuckled. “Now, let’s see.” He sat back at his desk and looked at the first team expectantly. He pasted an interested look on his face, but in all honesty, he only had eyes for the latecomer with the shaggy dark hair. Greg had eyes for pretty women, a fact that was not a secret, but what WAS a secret was the interest he had in pretty young men. Especially shy, inexperienced pretty young men, and he figured this boy wasn’t much past twenty-five. He heard the pause in the presenter’s voice, and said, “Very good. Thank you.”

He listened to the presentations one by one, paying more attention this time. A few were very good, but nothing stood out in particular, at least nothing he wanted his name and money attached to. “Well, down to the last, but, I’m sure, not least.” He shone his warmest smile on the young man. “And you are?”

“Uh, Travis. Travis Jensen,” the man stammered, kneeling to plug a cord into a socket at the side wall. “I hope this is okay.”

“As long as you don’t burn the place down, though I could use a bigger office,” Greg joked. Again, everyone chuckled.

Travis plugged the cord into a laptop computer and picked it up. “Could I?” He motioned to the large mahogany desk.

“By all means.” Greg slid his chair back and Travis placed the computer in front of him, moving to stand next to him. Greg could smell the cheap shampoo the boy used, and he inhaled discreetly. At least the child was clean.

Travis clicked on a few icons, as the other bidders in the room clustered around, trying to see. “Here you are.”

Greg stared at the computer monitor, eyes narrowing at the picture of the cow. On the cow’s side were rolling mountains, a river, and the Augusta capitol building. “Not to sound discouraging, son, but that’s really what we’ve been looking at for the last twenty minutes in here.”

“Yes, Sir, I…I realize that.” Travis turned red, but leaned forward to click a few more buttons. “But this is what you’ll see when it’s physically completed.”

Greg’s mouth actually fell open. The computer focused in on the actual surface of the sculpture, and he saw that the mountains, river and architecture were actually created with thousands of smaller pictures, pictures of people, places around the state, even his own face, located in one of the cow’s eyes. “Mr. Jensen, that is stunning.”

“Th-thank you, Senator.” Travis stepped back a bit to allow the others to look. He watched them frown and his nerves jumped into overdrive. “But, you know, I…”

“Who worked with you on this?” The Senator said.

Travis blinked. “No one, Senator. I work alone. That is, I’m not working for anyone right now, just, well, doing freelance art here and there.”

“You’re from Maine?”

“No, Senator. I came here recently from New York State.”

“I see.” Greg stood and pushed back his chair. “Thank you very much, everyone. That will be all. My office will be in contact with you by the end of the week. Please leave your address and telephone information with Eva.” He shook hands all around and left the office suite, going into the small restroom and closing the door. Travis sighed and shut down the computer. He packed up his things and made sure to give Eva his information, though he was sure it wasn’t necessary.

Greg stood at the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. He didn’t look a day over thirty, and he knew it. Many hours of martial arts and grueling gym workouts made sure of that. But was he attractive to someone much younger? Someone, say, about fifteen years his junior? He winced as he realized that he was gripping the porcelain of the sink with an iron grasp, and winced even more as he realized that just the thought of the pretty artist had him as hard as a rock.

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