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Hot Like Me 1/? Orlando Bloom/Norman Reedus slash

Author: zebraljb

Rating: up to NC17

Disclaimer: I know neither and LOVE both.  This takes place in 2007, which makes Norman 38, Sean 42 and Orlando 30.

Note:  satansmuse won this little contest I had of identifying a movie quote.  I asked for a pairing, and she gave me Normlando.  I've never written this pairing, and love them both.  I hope this is okay for this group.  Song is "Dontcha," by the Pussycat Dolls


I know ya like me...I know ya do...that's why whenever I come around he's all over you...

“Norman!  Mr. Reedus!  Over here!  Mr. Flanery…Sean…this way, please!” 

The photographers hustled and shoved to get the best picture of Hollywood’s first gay power couple.  Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery, costars in one of the most popular independent films ever, The Boondock Saints, had come out as a couple in late 2005.  There was the usual wave of negative feedback from the extreme Right and ultra-conservatives, the usual protests and picketing, but soon no one cared.  They were two talented men, and fickle Hollywood soon saw their open homosexuality as a shining character trait instead of a character flaw.

“I’m going to fucking kill you for making me come to this thing,” Norman said, hissing through his teeth at his boyfriend as he stopped to sign an autograph.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut the fuck up now,” Sean said in a matching hiss.  Norman rolled his eyes and Sean chuckled, kissing Norman’s forehead as he moved along up the red carpet.

Normally they avoided premieres at all costs, but as this was Troy Duffy’s first studio-produced movie in over six years, they felt obligated to attend.  After all, wasn’t he the reason they had met in the first place?  Norman watched his boyfriend walk away, admiring the long lines of his body, accentuated by the tailored cut of his grey suit.  Norman wore a custom made suit as well, though his was black.

“Mr. Reedus, I love your movies!”  A woman gushed, holding out her autograph book.  “Are you doing something now?”

“Yes, actually, Sean and I are working on something together,” he said, giving her a rare smile.  “Thank you for asking.”

“I bet you’re working on something together…fucking faggots,” a man behind the woman sneered.

Norman looked over his shoulder and motioned with his chin.  Two very large security guards walked over.  “Have a nice evening,” he said to the man, grinning as the guards quickly removed the man from the crowd.  “Goodbye,” he said to the woman, shocking her with a kiss on the cheek.

“Quit flirting,” Sean chastised as Norman caught up with him.

“Jealous?”  Norman asked.

“Never.”  Sean put an arm around Norman’s waist as they approached the doorway.  “I know your cock and ass have my name on them.”

“Ooh, you know I love it when you talk dirty,” Norman whispered, poking Sean in the side.

“Hey,” Troy Duffy said, stepping in front of them with a grin.  “Glad you guys could make it.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Sean told him.  “This is gonna be great, Duffy.”

“Let’s hope so,” Troy said, actually looking nervous.  “Over here.”  He waved someone over. “I don’t know if you’ve met my star.  Orlando Bloom, this is Norman Reedus, and Sean Patrick Flanery.”

Norman could only stare at the beautiful man before him.  Dark curls framed his face, and his deep eyes smiled along with his mouth.  His body was long and slender, and his tuxedo fit as if he had been born in it.  White teeth sparkled as he held out his hand to Sean.  “Sean…a big fan.  I loved Suicide Kings.”  The soft British lilt took his breath away.

“Thank you.  It’s a pleasure,” Sean said, taking Orlando’s hand and frowning a bit as Orlando turned to Norman.

“Norman…you’re my hero,” Orlando said with a sly grin.  “Sometimes I wish I would have stuck to independents like you, instead of the big blockbusters.”

“You’re incredible,” Norman said, then kicked himself. “I mean your movies are incredible.  Blockbusters have been quite kind to you.”

“Indeed,” Orlando said, letting his hand linger in Norman’s a bit longer than necessary.

“We should go in,” Sean said, his arm tightening around Norman’s waist.  “I’m sure you have a few more interviews to do.”

“Of course,” Orlando said, nodding.  “You’re coming to the party, correct? I know Duffy must’ve invited you both.”

“We weren’t planning on it,” Norman said with a sigh.

“You should most definitely come.  It will be the same boring over the top madness, but we could make it enjoyable,” Orlando said, his eyes sliding over to include Sean at the last minute.  “Try to make it, won’t you?”

“We’ll try,” Sean said with a tight smile.  Orlando smiled at them both as Duffy tugged him out to the reporters.  “C’mon.”  Sean’s hold on Norman’s hand was almost painful as they entered the theater.

“Sean?  Babe, what has gotten INTO you?”  Norman wrenched his hand free, flexing his fingers.

“I don’t like the way he looked at you.”  Sean held up their passes and the usher waved them forward.

“Who?  Duffy?”

“No, you idiot. Orlando Bloom. And DON’T tell me you didn’t notice.”  Sean flopped into a seat, arms crossed over his chest.

“You’re a magician,” Norman said, standing in the aisle.  “From a forty-two year old to a four year old in two seconds flat.”

“Shut up,” Sean said, pouting. He tugged at Norman’s suit jacket until he sat down.  “He was flirting with you.”

“So?  Maybe handsome boys flirt with me all the time,” Norman said, laughing.

“He’s no boy.  He’s probably close to thirty.  He knows what he’s doing.”

“He’s beautiful, I will give you that.  But he was just being nice,” Norman said. He patted Sean’s leg.  “I love you. I’ll be going home with you.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” Sean grumbled.  Norman smiled, but mentally welcomed the thought that for the next two hours, beautiful Orlando Bloom would be larger than life on the screen in front of him.

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OMG I demand more, before i explode. Why arn't there more Orlando slashes? I mean, do you know any communities deticated to slash for him..
I'd love you if you sent me a link <3
There's perfectbloom at yahoo groups...
orlandoslash is your best bet, it's packed full of fabulous orli fics! =)
Yay! but does this mean you're going to break S&N up?! WAAAHH! but on with my feedback (since i know you were oh so desparately waiting for it:P)
Woot! yay 1st gay power couple, and acceptance:) i love the fickle hollywood line, and how N dealt with the stupid guy:) I also love how in your stories, they're so obviously loving, but also fliry, bratty, slightlysnarky, etc, (aka not gagging):) To me, that's much more realistic:) you do that love thing right well hun:):P
tee hee on O's intro to the boys, coz its like yay, positive for S and then "oh wait, N wins":P And i was laughing at N kicking himself:P I know it's meant figuratively, but 'tis a funny mental image;P
mmmmm, jealous!Sean:D and the magician line- lmao! i was like "what, how come?" but then the explaination - you are fantastic babe!:D
So yeah me likies, even if you are gonna mess with hollywood's first gay power couple;P