Kerry (goodtwin) wrote in youmarvelousboy,

rps: Norman/Joaquin

Pairing: Joaquin Phoenix/Norman Reedus
Disclaimer: Never happened.
Rating: pg13 to be safe.
Summary: Norman isn't one to beat around the bush. ~cough~
Feedback: As ever, a joy.
Note: For roadparty , in return for the Norman/Gael bit she wrote. Meow. Scribbled in about half an hour, so not the most thought-provoking thing ever written. Cheers to L for the read-through. Heh. As for the 'straight' line, I just couldn't resist. ~holds out wrists for slapping~ I'm blaming Lolly for any whiff of cheese you might get from the last line. ~grin~


Straight to the Point.


There's a scratch down one side of his neck, and God knows how his nails look neat when they hardly seem to stray from his teeth for more than a minute. If Joaquin looks closely, he can see tiny specks of paint on the black jacket. It makes him feel like laughing out loud, because this guy looks as out of place as he feels. Instead, he just grins and watches long fingers pull at a stiff collar again.

"Hi," he says, sticking out his hand, edging around someone to get closer to - "Uh..."

"Norman." The smile is dazzling and sweet and gives Joaquin the impression that Norman only smiles when he means it.

"Right, I'm-"

"Yeah, I know who you are." Norman's hand is warm, Joaquin can see a tiny tattooed star peeking out from beneath his cuff. "You're staying for the dinner?"

"Actually no, I was on my way out. You?"

"Sure, I'll join you."

Joaquin blinks. Norman isn't smiling any more; in fact there's nothing to indicate he's joking. He drains the rest of his drink and looks around. When he faces Norman again, he sees blue eyes intent on him, the edge of a lip quirked.

"Don't worry, nobody's watching."

Joaquin can't help it; he blushes, stuttering something about that not being what he was doing, while Norman just starts walking.


Outside and away from everyone, Norman is more relaxed. Joaquin, caught between Norman and the wall, is not.

"Still worried someone's gonna see?" Norman asks, brushing his fingers up Joaquin's throat, tongue wetting his upper lip when Joaquin swallows. "Or am I totally wrong? You're not... straight, are you?"

Yeah, that makes Joaquin laugh, and relax a little, and close his eyes when Norman's lips touch along his jaw. "Apparently not," he whispers, and that makes Norman laugh, which is a nice sound, Joaquin thinks. The sort of nice which settles down low and doesn't move for a while.

"Good. 'cause I want to take you for dinner."

The whisper makes Joaquin shiver and submit a little more. Norman may not be at home in a tuxedo, but he's definitely comfortable with control. Which Joaquin has a feeling will be demonstrated more than once tonight. And he's strangely comfortable with that.



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