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Meeting Norman/Gael Garcia Bernal, Rated PG for pre-slash, Norman has a party and meets someone new. Made up, compeletely untrue stuff.

There were very few absolute rules that Norman followed in his day to day life. One, however, was that he never questioned it when someone pretty was sprawled on his couch and watching him. The party had finally died down, everyone slowly disappearing until it was almost three in the morning and Norman was alone. Except for the guy on his couch, and Norman wasn't even sure he knew his name.

"So." He watched as the guy - Gael, his mind supplied helpfully - rolled his head to the side and watched Norman sit. Sleepy eyes seemed to follow every move, even as Norman scooted closer. "Did you need a cab, or are you just looking for a place to crash?"

"Neither, actually." It was the first time Norman had actually heard him speak, and the effect was immediate. That rich, latin accent rolling over him, doing things to him that made Norman want to moan out loud. "Hope you don't mind, but I wanted to stick around. Without everyone else."

"Oh." Norman had to bite down on his lip, teeth cutting into familiar territory as Gael moved, rolled almost bonelessly towards him. "No, I don't mind."
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