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Tell Me 2/? Sean Patrick Flanery/Norman Reedus AU

author: zebraljb
rating: NC17, starting HERE
disclaimer: I don't know either of these attractive, talented men. They both have children, and I'm fairly sure they're 100% straight.
note: yeah, cliffhanger. sue me. They're teasing each other, they're teasing ME as I write, so I thought I'd tease you. :)


Let's play a game Let's pretend for a second You don't know who I am or what I do
Let's just put it to the side I can feel your heart beating I can hear you breathing
Look into your eyes Trying to see into your mind See into your soul
See, no limits to the levels Me and you can go When it's me, I take control
But it's something about you That makes me wanna change
I like the way you dancing And the way you play the game
I like the way you take away the pain The way you tell me that you want it
Not saying a thing The way you got me going
Got me going outta brains I see us going at it
Going in and out of them lanes

Norman and Sean headed for opposite ends of the long bar. “Eric.” Sean reached between patrons and held his hand out. “You have my number, asshole. Call me.”

“You’re outta here already?” Eric asked, then glanced down the bar, where Norman was deep in an animated conversation with his friend. “Ah. I see. Behave. Good luck with the job.” He shook Sean’s hand.

“Thanks,” Sean said with a grin. He turned to go, but was stopped by a few drunken regulars who wanted to add their well wishes. Sean laughed out loud, pushing his way back out towards the dance floor.

“Let me get this straight.” James stared at Norman. “You’re dumping me here at the gay bar to go get laid?”

“NO,” Norman said with infinite patience. “I’m giving you money for a cab, escorting you out to get said cab, and only then am I going to get laid. I’m not that kind of friend.” Norman held out some money, but his eyes followed Sean’s every move.

“Whatever.” James took the twenty from between Norman’s fingers. “Lead the way.”

Sean quickly grabbed his jacket and wallet from the locker. As he left the locker room, he realized that his t-shirt was somewhere out on the dance floor. Sean grinned, slipping his denim jacket onto his naked shoulders. It didn’t matter. Everything else would be off soon enough.

When he made it out the back door by the dumpsters, he saw Norman coming around the corner of the building. Sean smiled as he watched Norman step around a pile of trash. “Not exactly the most romantic spot to rendezvous.”

“I wasn’t really looking for romance. Were you?” Norman tilted his head, his eyes following the trail of Sean’s stomach that showed at the front of his jacket.

“No,” Sean said quietly, watching Norman watch him.

“I have a cab waiting out front,” Norman said, jerking his head towards the street.

“Cool.” Sean fell into step beside Norman. “Hey.” He put a hand on Norman’s elbow. “I don’t…this isn’t something I normally…I’m clean,” he stammered.

Norman smiled briefly, appreciating the thought. “Me neither. And me too.”

Sean held the back door of the cab open for Norman, giving him a wink. Norman slid across the seat and Sean followed. His eyes widened a bit at the name of the hotel Norman gave to the driver; it was one of the more upscale places in town. “How long are you here for?”

“Three more days. I had some meetings, had to sign my life away, things like that,” Norman said vaguely.

“Cool.” Sean was suddenly nervous, the silence of the cab seeming like a roaring wind in his ears.

Norman didn’t say anything until they arrived at the hotel. He paid the driver and led the way into the lobby. “I just need to check for messages quick,” he said. Sean nodded and waited by the corridor that led to the elevators. Norman returned from the front desk and they headed down the hall, Sean’s shoes making an embarrassing sucking noise against the gleaming floor.

“Beer. From the club,” he said quickly. Norman smiled and nodded.

He jabbed the elevator button and it opened immediately. Sean leaned back against the wall of the elevator, staring at the numbers as they blinked higher and higher. A pair of intense blue eyes suddenly blocked his view. “Where did you go?”

“Huh?” Sean asked, confused.

“Where’s the sexy man I met on the dance floor?” Norman’s body was just barely NOT against Sean’s, close enough for Sean to feel the heat of his skin.

“He’s here.” Sean dipped his head to let his breath puff against Norman’s ear. “Just stuck in a bit of a “Pretty Woman” moment.”

Norman laughed, his hand resting on Sean’s waist. “Well, I guarantee you that I don’t plan on paying you, you’re not staying the week, and I won’t be showing up in a limo with an umbrella as my sword.”

Sean’s hips thrust forward a little. “It’s probably not very manly of you to admit you know the movie that well.”

“Well, don’t tell anyone…save my rep.” Norman’s lips were inches from Sean’s when the elevator chirped and the doors opened. He smiled slyly and very slowly backed away from Sean, exiting the elevator.

Sean silently followed Norman down the hall, his eyes wandering over every inch of the tantalizing body ahead of him. Part of him could NOT believe he was doing this, and another part couldn’t wait to get down to business.

Tell me, what you thinking about when you got me waiting patiently
And usually, I don't have to wait for nobody
But there's something about you that really got me feeling weak
And I'm trying to find the words to speak
Boy, I got my eyes on you Tell me what you wanna do
I can picture you in my room Until the morning
I don't even know your name
Boy, I need to know your name
I'm hoping that you feel the same Tell me if you want it
I know you're gonna like it (I know)
So tell me how you want it (Tell me)
And you don't have to fight it (You don't)

Norman unlocked the door to the modest suite, tossing his keys onto a table. He shrugged out of his outer shirt and threw it onto a chair. “Drink?” He asked as he walked over to the mini bar.

“Whatever you’re having,” Sean replied. He hesitated. He wore no shirt under his jacket, but he was still sweaty and hell, he’d be naked soon anyway, right? He took off his jacket and neatly hung it over the back of a chair.

Norman mixed himself a drink and made an identical one for Sean. When he turned around, the liquid threatened to slosh over the edge as he caught sight of a shirtless Sean standing in the entryway. “Here.” Norman shoved the drink in Sean’s direction.

Sean felt a little more at ease as he noticed Norman stumble a bit. “Thanks.” He took a large gulp, welcoming the burn that oozed down his throat. “You promised me a shower.”

“I did,” Norman agreed. He finished half his drink in one swallow and set the glass down. “This way.” He led Sean through the large bedroom into the almost-as-large bathroom. “Here you are.”

“I think this is bigger than my apartment,” Sean said, looking around.

“Yeah, it’s kinda crazy, huh? I mean, how much time do you really spend in the bathroom when you’re staying at a hotel?” Norman shook his head. “Anyway, here ya go.”

“I thought…” Sean caught Norman by a belt loop as he turned to leave. “I thought you were going to wash my back for me.”

Norman hissed in a breath as their bodies bumped together. “I thought I’d let you get in first.”

“Okay.” Sean set his drink on the vanity and toed his shoes off. He bent down and removed his socks, slowly standing back up. His eyes never left Norman’s face as he undid his jeans and let them fall as well.

“Fuck,” Norman murmured as Sean stood before him, clad only in boxer briefs.

“You’re a bit overdressed.” Sean tugged Norman’s tee out of his jeans and pulled until Norman allowed him to remove it. His hands slowly slid over Norman’s chest and abs. “In case you forget your name?” Sean gently teased, his thumb running over the tattoo that danced across Norman’s heart.

“No. So you don’t just call out God’s name when I’m fucking you,” Norman replied. “Reminds you what to say.”

“I doubt I’d forget,” Sean murmured, his hands fighting with Norman’s belt and finally winning. His eyebrows raised as the jeans slid down to reveal Norman’s naked body. “Commando.”

“I’m all about simplicity,” Norman said. “I am by far VERY low maintenance.” He stepped out of his sneakers and bent to pull off his socks. He let his fingers trail up Sean’s naked thighs as he stood. “Ready for that shower now?”

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