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Hot Like Me 2/? Orlando Bloom/Norman Reedus

Author: zebraljb

Rating: up to NC17

Disclaimer: I love them both and REALLY want this to happen...especially with me watching, Sean by my side. But it's not real.

Note:  Yet again, for satansmuse



I know you want it…it’s easy to see…and in the back of your mind, you know you should be fucking me…


“Babe, come on,” Norman said, standing next to the limo and holding out his hand.  “You look too good to just go home.”

“Don’t kiss up to me just because you want to see your new boyfriend,” Sean grumbled, pausing before he finally accepted the outstretched hand and climbing from the back of the limo.

“You do look delicious,” Norman purred in Sean’s ear, his tongue flicking out to taste Sean’s earlobe.

“Shut up,” Sean said, but Norman felt the shiver go through Sean’s body.

“If you’re a good boy, and stay at the party for a while, later I’ll take that delicious suit off you…with my teeth.”  Norman smiled at the paparazzi and waved. 

“Fuck, you’re a bastard,” Sean hissed, weaving his fingers through Norman’s and leading him into the hotel where the after party was being held.


Duffy pounced on them almost immediately.  “Did you like it?”

“Duffy, the theater’s probably not even empty yet!”  Norman said in surprise.  “Shouldn’t you be back there with your actors?”

“I left early…couldn’t even watch the end,” Duffy said, bouncing on his heels.

Sean laughed.  “You’re nervous? This is a first.”

“This could mean a lot, Sean…I do well with this one, there’s nothing the studio won’t let me do.”

“Maybe you could do something else with us in it,” Norman suggested.  They followed Troy to the bar.  Norman ordered a beer for himself and a mixed drink for Sean. 

“I hate to say it, but people will only think of Saints if the three of us do something, babe,” Sean said with a sigh.

“Not if they use our script,” Norman pointed out.  Sean stared at him.

“Script? What script?”

“It’s not ready,” Sean said immediately, ignoring Duffy.

“It’s ready enough to give him a treatment,” Norman said to his boyfriend. He turned to Duffy.  “I’ll send something over this week. It’s…it’s a little different.”

“It’s your basic love triangle, but between three men,” Sean snapped.  “Don’t worry about it, Duffy.”

“Look, fellas, I…” Duffy interrupted himself.  “We’ll talk later in the week.  There’s Orlando.”  Duffy melted into the growing crowd, heading for the door.

Norman strained to see the dark curls, trying to make sure it didn’t LOOK like he was straining to see them.  He noticed that the tuxedo jacket was gone, as was the tie.  Even from across the room, Norman could see a bronze chest peeking through the few buttons that were unbuttoned, and the rolled sleeves showed off slender dark arms.  “Let’s sit down,” he said, abruptly pulling Sean to the nearest table.  He couldn’t bear to look one more second. He was acting like an idiot, right in front of the man he loved more than life.

“Baby, you okay?”  Sean put a hand on his shoulder, annoyance long gone.  “You look…pale.”

“I’m fine.”  Norman picked up Sean’s drink and emptied the glass.  “I’ll get you another.”

“Norman,” Sean said, but Norman stood and headed back to the bar without another word.

The bartender took his order immediately, but the crowd around the small bar was growing and Norman had to wait for his drink.  He tapped a finger on the smooth surface of the bar, looking around the large ballroom.  Pictures of Orlando Bloom and his costars hung from the walls, and Norman tried not to stare.

“What did you think?” 

Norman whirled around.  Orlando leaned against the bar, smiling at Norman.  “Think?”

“Of the movie. I was a bit worried…Troy directs differently than anyone I ever worked with.”

“He’s definitely unique,” Norman agreed, smiling.  “But a genius.”

“Definitely.  Your smile is amazing,” Orlando said, and Norman stared.

“I, well, thank you.” He kicked himself.  Suddenly he only knew one-syllable words?  “The movie. It was great. I loved it.  Sean, too.”

“Sean, too? Good,” Orlando said, not even blinking at the mention of Norman’s well known boyfriend.  “So…Troy mentioned something about a script?  You and Sean are working on something?”

“He told you that?”  Norman wanted to punch his friend. “It’s nothing worth talking about, really, still in the early stages, and…”

“C’mon.”  Orlando took Norman by the hand, starting to weave his way around the edge of the room.

“Orlando, it’s your movie. Don’t you have to…” Norman protested feebly, looking at Sean.  His boyfriend was deep in discussion with a few other actors, and did not notice Norman being dragged along by Orlando Bloom.

“The hell with them.”  He slipped out a side door, Norman close behind. “Now where can we…how about this one?”  He tried a few doors, finally finding one that was unlocked.  They walked into a smaller ballroom, lit only by the exit sign above another door.  Orlando fumbled his hand along the wall, finally finding a light switch.  The room had a few round tables in it, and sofas along the wall.  He flopped down and smiled, patting the seat.  “Sit with me, Norman.”

Norman sat.  “Look, Orlando, don’t you think we should get back?”

“I want to hear about this movie.”  Orlando leaned back, undoing a few more buttons.  “God, I hate these monkey suits.”

“You look good in them, though,” Norman said before he thought.

“Thank you,” Orlando said modestly.  “Go ahead.  A love triangle?”

“Between three men,” Norman said, nodding.  “We really feel encouraged by the way people have accepted us…Sean and me.  We know it won’t be a blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination, but I think the studios might be interested.”

“Interesting.”  Orlando’s arm lay across the back of the sofa, and his hand lightly touched Norman’s shoulder.  “Tell me more.”

“We’re not sure where to set it…fairly big city, large company.  All three men work there…we were thinking a publishing company, maybe, in Chicago or something,” Norman said, warming to his subject.  “One of the men is a manager, possibly higher, and the other two are on more equal footing.”  Norman swallowed deeply, realizing that Orlando was now close enough for his hand to rest just inches from Norman’s head.

“You said a love triangle…I’m assuming two of the men are together?  Is the third man the manager?”  Orlando tilted his head, his eyes focused on Norman’s face.

“Uh, no.  We thought that was a bit cliché, the whole sexual harassment angle.”  Norman felt lost in the big brown eyes that drank in his every word.

“I’d love to read for it,” Orlando whispered.

“You don’t even know if it’s any good.  It could be the worst thing you ever read,” Norman protested weakly.

“I doubt anything you do could be the worst, Norman,” Orlando said, the back of his hand brushing against Norman’s cheek.  “And I really, really want to work with you.”  His thumb moved up and down Norman’s jaw.

Norman’s eyes fluttered closed, his head leaning in to Orlando’s touch. He knew it was wrong, knew it would only hurt Sean if he knew, but he could not stop.  Could not pull away from Orlando’s touch.  He tried not to sigh too loud as Orlando’s hand slid behind his neck and pulled Norman in for a kiss.


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